The Market selects us because of our integrity in giving excellent reinsurance consultancy and services, including:

These Are Our Expertise

financial-modellingFinancial Modelling
Asrinda Re-Brokers gives financial management and consultancy to clients. We provide innovative approaches to assessing each client with their portfolio of risks.

product-analysisProduct Analysis
There are no standard for reinsurance products or prices. We use our wide ranging product knowledge to assess pricing, coverage, and the marketability of the solutions that most closely fit the requirements of our clients.

market-analysisMarket Analysis
For each solution, we identify the most appropriate markets on the industry. Our role is to manage the relations between the client and the reinsurance markets using an integrated market strategy.

Our experience enables us to deliver reinsurance solutions that meet the highest expectation of all parties.

Asrinda Re-Brokers undertakes to create and manage a proficient claims management program. Our claims professional work in tandem with the clients to design, implement and monitor claims management program that helps in controlling losses and future cost of risk. Our ambit of services also includes resolving disputes, supporting complex claims and offering claim consulting. Our retention analysis also help to determine optimum retention level.