Having gained considerable experience in placing and administrating both Treaty & Facultative Business for the Indonesian reinsurance market, we continue to innovate through the latest technology with proper hassle free efficient administration and integrated insurance packages for the benefit of our existing as well as future clients. We assure you of our excellent reinsurance service provided by our experienced team.

Ricky Tri Wahyudi 
President Commisioner

ruslandy2Ruslandy S Lubis, SE, MBA, AAAIK, QRMP, CIIB.
President Director
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Rianto Ahmadi

chumaedi2Chumaedi, SE, MM, AAAIK, QRMP. 
Operational Director
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noorMohammad Noor, SH.
Non Technical and Internal Audit General Manager
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Susanti Wijaya
English Advisor
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fajarFajar Maulana, SE.As, AAIK, ICPU, ICBU, ICEU, QIP.
Technical and Risk Management General Manager
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