Help client develop tailored reinsurance covers that effectively and efficiently match the right capital with their evolving risk profiles. Our broking and analytical teams provide insight using Asrinda Re-Brokers tailored solutions and our best strategic advisory services.

Improve data management and deliver more value with solutions that quickly and consistently handle data.

Claim handling excellence is a pivotal part of our value-added proposition with our dedicated team working alongside each of local, regional and international partners. We have excellent relationship in all worldwide reinsurance markets.

Asrinda Re-Brokers has been the reinsurance partner for over 30th years, with a deep understanding of both insurance and reinsurance, we are the partner of choice for brokers.

Paperless online benefits management and open enrollment includes a very broad array formats and manners in which to implement benefit packages for our client partner. Asrinda Re-Brokers provides options to our client partner from Management System and Host-to-Host platform to help managing risk, accelerating loss reporting and claims processing.